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Net 25 Feed your mind

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Net 25 is a free TV channel. In Metro Manila, It is on channel 25 on terrestrial TV and in major cable operators SkyCable (Channel 18), Home (Channel 18) and Global Destiny (Channel 19). it is now being aired nationwide by more than 600 cable operators. Net 25 can also reach TV audiences in Hawaii and the West Coast of the United States, and the whole of Asia including Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China as well as Australla. It is also being beamed through Asia Broadcast Satelite's ABS-1 satellite to the Middle East and parts of Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa and South Asia. Net 25 is also carried by a number of cable TV and IPTV operators in Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia and Guam. Worldwide, Net 25 can also be viewed online via video streaming.

It is effort to bring a unique Tv viewing experience, NET 25 focuses on informative and educational shows. Hence, the tagline Feed Your Mind. It aims to provide the following program genre to its market: news and information, modern living, arts and culture, modern entertainment and information technology.

Vision and Mission
The network's vision is to become the premeire values-oriented broadcast communications network. Its mission is to inform, entertain and educate the public by providing high-quality values-centered programs that enrich life.

The station is dedicated to the growth and revolution of the new media era. It is created as a community and a resource - a center of values where its best practices can be explored and where vision and innovation are shared to build new opportunities that enrich life.

The station started its broadcast operations last July 27, 1999 and was officially launced in a multi-media exhibit dubbed Destination: PLANET 25 last April 23, 2000.

With its initial partnership with TechTV, Net 25 was branded as the country's first and only e-channel, the only television station that is devoted to providing information and entertainment on computing, internet, and information technology. With its current programs like Convergence, Tomorrow Today, NET 25 remains to be the country's premier TV network that is dedicated to the developments in the world of IT. Its station-produced program Convergence is the consistent No. 1 IT show in the Philippines.

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